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March 26, 2007

We have shot the driving in the van scenes and have shot for 2 days at the office building. We will be shooting there for the next 2-3 weekends as well. We had a great turnout this weekend for extras and everyone worked really hard . I did not get homne until 5am and then on saturday i didnt get home until about 3:30. We got a lot done.

Sofar we have shot about 18 pages of the script. There are a lot more to go but with everyone's help we will get it done in no time. Thanks again!!


February 20, 2007

Well we have officially changed the name of the film from Dead Meat to Grave Mistake. If you notice the whole website adress is different as well. Tell all your friends and contacts as well so that we dont lose anyone or lessen the buzz we have already created. The name change came about for several reasons from confusion of movies already titled Dead Meat to legal issues in the future. It is a much more suitable title and has an original ring to it.


February 14, 2007

We are shooting again on the 17th of this month for the Alex and Karl abuse scene. Should be fun. Gotta get Seth a haircut for the scene sometime soon if the snow permits. Also I just picked up a seet 12 foot camera crane with remote for the camera and a 7 inch monitor. Also there are new pics of the Helen zombie sculpt in the pro production section Enjoy!!


January 29, 2007

Well, we shot the cemetery scenes yesterday including the reporter stuff as well as the helen zombie feet stuff. Everything went very well and everyone had agreat time. I almost broke my foot but I'll be ok. I just wanted to thank everyone who came out and helped and I look forward to our next shoot!!


December 10, 2006

December 23rd is our next shoot date. We will be shooting all of the cemetery stuff with Karl, the TV reporter and the empty grave. I you would like to be there and help by crewing or being an extra , please let me know a gryphonsegg@hotmail.com


December 8th, 2006

Tomorrow is our second official script readthrough. This is a cast specific readthrough and a very focused reading. No crew will be there however the director and AD will be there, of course,

December 5th, 2006

We have officially begun production!! We shot the farmhouse scene in Las Cruces this past weekend and it wazs awesome. The Chigger puppet was equally great! Special thanks to Gary and Toni for all their generosity and hard work as well as for putting up with us all for the weekend. Thank you all and this is a great indication of how things will go!!

November 10, 2006

First official script readthrough!!

Yes we are having acookout/ official script readthrough for the entire cast and crew! there should be about 18-20 people for the shin dig. After the readthrough we will be casting an actors head for their death scene as well. It should be great fun!! After this initial readthrough, there will be script changes and updates as well as a scene addition. I will keep you posted.

Sept 19 2006

The script is finished!!

We went out and celebrated at Turtle Mountain Brewery and had a couple of beers to celebrate. We came back to the office andstarted on our pre-visualizations (animatics) for the animated storyboards. Yeehaw. At any rate we are very excited and pre-production is now officially underway.

Sept 1 2006

Well the script is coming along great. We are about 80% done at this time and it just keeps getting better. Me and Paul are meeting about 3-4 times a week to add to it. Our writing sessions are hilarious. We start off really getting in some serious non-interrupted writing. Then we start brainstorming for about 3 or more hours at a time. It has really benifited the story imensely.

Just last night we added the most greusome scene and the most disturbing one. Both sure to please the zombie afficianado. George and Tom would be proud. I have also written to Tom Savini about doing a cameo in the film I will keep you updated as the the status of that situation.

As fo now I am fleshing out the ideas we have and adding the major dialog. I think we should be finished with the script before October 1st. That is our cutoff date anyway but I see it happening before. I'm keeping my fingers , toes and eyes crossed on that one.

Shawn Darling