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Here you can get to know the creators of Sablewood and find links to their other online worlds as well.


Shawn Darling

Shawn Darling is an artist in many areas. After High school Shawn worked all over the country doing everything from various jobs in the music industry (playing, writing and running his own recording studio) to performing magic in Las Vegas, Special Makeup FX in Hollywood, Ca and starting his own film production company Gryphon's Egg Productions in NM before teaming up with Ed Gonzalez to form Smoke and Mirrors Studios. He is also a fine artist working in many mediums including painting and sculpting, and is an animatronic puppet builder & designer, puppeteer, cinematographer, photographer, editor, compositor and CG animator, film composer as as well as a screenwriter.

Shawn began writing the first draft of Sablewood in 1990.






The Sablewood team is now hiring for designers, artists of all kinds and musicians and considering roles for voiceover artists. If you would like to be a part of this epic production please contact Shawn at

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